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Team Cleaning Room

A team with a diverse background

At Zisty Clean we look for unique personalities, creative thinkers, and problem solvers. Cleaners who realize a 5-star cleaning service is more than just a list. We go into every home with the mentality that; this is what our customer needs. How can we meet this within the time budget allowed? What can we do to make the customers’ lives easier?

The secret to a great team?

Our values are loyalty, trust, accountability, and respect. We take care of our employees so they can take care of you.

Generous, performance-based pay allows us to pay an amount many cleaning companies won’t provide. We screen out the unmotivated and lazy. We let our cleaners choose their schedule and offer an excellent culture for a relaxed environment. Our goal is to enhance the image of house cleaning as a career. We invest heavily in training, so once we have found and developed a great house cleaner, we want to retain them forever.

Most people are surprised when they hire us because we’re genuinely happy and normal. Franchised cleaning companies pay terrible wages and treat the staff like robots. Working in this environment breeds low self-esteem and creates an untrustworthy space. Of course, we still background check and carry a dishonesty bond, but building up your team goes a long way.

People who feel engaged within the group and satisfied with cleaning are significantly less likely to disappoint us than a $14.00 an-hour franchise employee.

— Avery

Avery catching all the details

Leadership Team

“Always bring the energy, do something extra, and don’t neglect the details.”

Experience: (BS) Business Administration, co-developed a 23-property Airbnb Holding in Tulum, Mexico. Operated several small businesses local to Denver and Seattle. Avery can be found fixing an employee’s car, conducting business experiments or maybe even cleaning your home.

— Avery Schlueter

Owner/General Manager of Zisty Clean

Avery Schlueter

“You have a gift and it’s your duty to share it with the world!”

Experience: (MBA) Human Resources, Former Executive for H&M Peru, Saam, Codelco, and Tech. Pedro managed 2 Chilean coal mines, served as a regional manager for a major fashion company, worked in international trade, and still has the humility to pick up a mop.

— Pedro Cano

Cleaning Manager

Pedro Cano

“I missed photo day!”

Experience: (MBA) Marketing, Decided to travel the world after school, and ended up in Denver, CO. During his journey traveling to 25 countries throughout Asia and Latin America, Nashao acquired fluency in 5 languages and worked a serious of odd jobs from wine sales in China, rock climbing events, and as a DJ in Argentina and Brazil. .

— Nashao

Scheduling Manager/Cleaning Trainer


“Always know your numbers.”

Experience: (MA) Accounting

— Mike Tipton


Working the calculator