Commercial Cleaning

Cleaner with professional cleaning gear

Tired of dealing with cleaning companies that constantly let down, overcharge, or don’t even show up? Want your commercial space to look like a showroom for your employees and clients?

The vendors you hire can make all the difference. If you’re tired of replacing your janitorial services company due to their lack of follow-through, it’s time to go with the experts. We believe that a job isn’t done until it’s done right. At Zisty Clean, janitors provide the expertise to deliver exceptional results you can depend on. If you out-source your janitorial services with Zisty Clean, we can reduce this responsibility.

Focus on your mission, your employees, your workload and delegate our dedicated team of cleaners to handle the dirty work for you.

Zisty Clean Specializes in Commercial Cleaning for:

  • Apartment Buildings
  • Gyms
  • Education Centers
  • Office Space
  • Retail Space
  • Religious Facilities



  • Cleaning Standards Established.
  • OSHA Safety Standards, Blood Borne Pathogens Standards, Health and Safety Standards.
  • 6-week advanced training program.


  • Green Seal – Environmentally friendly Green Cleaning program.
  • Color Coded Microfiber dusting cloths and sanitation tools; HEPA vacuums;
  • Hospital grade disinfectants safe for institutional use.

Professional Management

  • Relation Managers have a vested interest in creating a long-term relationship with prospects.
  • Background Checked
  • Uniformed Cleaners With Photo ID.
  • Relation Managers have 5 years minimum of industry experience

Cleaning Technology

  • Green Seal – Environmentally friendly Green Cleaning program.
  • Color Coded Microfiber dusting cloths and sanitation tools; HEPA vacuums;
  • Hospital grade disinfectants safe for institutional use.


Daily Checklist

Common Areas

  • Fingerprints, buildup, or oils cleaned from all front glass doors.
  • All carpeted areas vacuumed.
  • All hard surfaced floors swept and mopped.
  • Wet mop hard surface floors to remove stains or residue from spillage.
  • Empty all trash receptacles and replace the liners as needed. Remove the trash to the designated collection point.
  • Clean horizontal surfaces targeting spillage, marks and coffee rings.
  • Clean conference room tables and arrange chairs.
  • Clean and disinfect all sinks, water coolers and drinking fountains.
  • Clean fingerprints and smudges from interior partition glass and walls.

Kitchens and Break Rooms

  • All hard surface flooring dusted and mopped to remove loose debris.
  • All hard surface flooring damp mopped to remove spills and soil.
  • Clean all tables and counters with a disinfectant.
  • Clean and polish sink and backsplash area.
  • Clean splash marks from around the sink and trash receptacles.
  • Dust exposed horizontal surfaces.
  • Clean exterior of all appliances.
  • Vacuum all carpeted areas and runners.
  • Take trash to collection point and replace liners as needed


  • Empty trash receptacles and wash, if necessary.
  • Disinfect door handles, partition handles and light switches.
  • Sanitize and clean all dispensers, mirrors and fixtures.
  • Clean and disinfect sinks, toilets, toilet seats and urinals.
  • Spot clean walls and partitions to remove smudges and marks.
  • Restock all paper products and hand soap.
  • Sweep and mop the floor with disinfectant.
  • Remove fingerprints and spots from walls.
  • Empty sanitary napkin receptacle and spray with a disinfectant

Weekly Checklist

Common Areas

  • Using Microfiber dust cloths, thoroughly dust all exposed and accessible horizontal surfaces of office furniture, including desks, bookshelves, computer monitors, tables, file cabinets, windowsills, and wall hangings.
  • Wipe clean and sanitize all telephone receivers and dust the bases.
  • Vacuum all carpeted areas wall to wall, including behind doors and into corners.
  • Thoroughly mop all hard surface floors, taking care to get into corners & along edges
  • Clean interior and exterior of microwave ovens.


  • Clean and sanitize the outside of trash receptacles and dispensers.
  • Polish all dispensers, mirrors, and bright work.
  • High dust tops of doors, partitions, mirrors, and air vents.
  • Clean and sanitize restroom partitions and walls around toilets and urinals.

Monthly Checklist

Common Areas

  • Thoroughly dust all vertical surfaces of office furniture, including desks, tables, bookshelves, and file cabinets.
  • High dusting of ceiling air vents, tops of doors, door frames, ceiling corners, tops of cubicle walls, and edges.
  • Low dusting of all baseboards and chair legs.
  • Vacuum upholstered furniture and damp wipe leather furniture to remove dust and lint.
  • Clean spots and smudges from walls, door frames, doors and light switches.
  • Damp-mop all plastic floor protectors and chair mats. (if applicable)
  • Damp wipe front faces of cabinets to remove fingerprints and smudges.

Why Choose Us?

Clean Office Lobby

Providing office cleaning services is the center of our business, the same way your office is the center of yours. Business productivity remains dependent upon the health and morale of your staff, and it is our priority to maintain a clean space for them to operate and succeed.

Clean Office Hallway

Our professional recurring cleaning service will give you peace of mind that your commercial space is in exceptional condition regarding tidiness and cleanliness. We understand that your standards are high when getting your commercial space professionally cleaned. That’s why our professional cleaning team is fully trained to perform detailed cleaning leaving your commercial cleaning spotless from top to bottom.

Clean Office Foyer

Our janitorial services and commercial cleaning services use our state-of-the-art janitorial service processes to give your business the highest quality level of clean.

If you need commercial cleaning services for your apartment building, gym, religious center, office, or retail space is ready for Commercial Cleaning Services in: Denver, Englewood, Lakewood, Arvada, Centennial, Commerce City, Aurora, Parker, Westminster,Thornton, Highlands ranch, Greenwood Village, Littleton, give us a call NOW.

What Denver Business Owners Say about Zisty Clean Commercial Cleaning Services

Apartment Complex Manager - Denver, CO
We have used Zisty Clean for several years and are very satisfied with their level of service. Avery is very responsive whenever we have any changes or when we (Very rarely) have a concern. We would recommend Zisty Clean to any office space looking for high quality cleaning service.
Office Cleaning Manager - Lakewood, CO
Zisty Clean does a great job and the cleaning team pays great attention to details. The increase in quality compared with the numerous hit or miss cleaning companies we’ve used in the past is worth mentioning. Very personable and available management. This team has personally made our lives easier.
Office Cleaning Manager - Lakewood, CO
We switched to Zisty Clean a few months ago hoping for better quality cleaning and our expectations have been exceeded! Avery has been wonderful to work with in assisting us and even found a way to down sell us a cleaning plan that made more sense to us and our budget. Zisty Clean will work with your company's needs and requests.

Zisty Clean provides commercial cleaning for the following Denver areas: Denver, Englewood, Lakewood, Arvada, Centennial, Commerce City, Aurora, Parker, Westminster,Thornton, Highlands ranch, Greenwood Village, Littleton.

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